Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do You Miss Receiving Greeting Cards?

Greeting card created for our nonprofit, Pawsitively Humane.
Deb Barnes is my dear friend and fellow board member.

As I write this I scan my home and notice two Christmas greetings cards.  Ten years ago it would have been two-fold.

What ever happened to the physical greeting card for the holidays, birthdays or any special occasion?  Well we all know the answer. INTERNET and LESS TIME.

What I miss most is opening the mailbox, spotting the square-shape, bright white or linen textured envelope buried between pile of bills and direct mail letters and flyers; sliding out the personal card and reading the handwritten address in long stroke cursive. A personal card. It was like opening the oven to warm, fresh baked cookies, the aroma of sweetness lingering.  Like the tooth fairy leaving a token quarter or dollar under the pillow; like neatly wrapped gifts under the twinkling Christmas tree.

In our hectic lives, receiving a card meant someone took more than a click, more than a minute to think about you. A personal message inside the card was the frosting or cherry on the cake.

The physical connection is a lost art or means of communication. As I get older, that physical touch and friendships mean more to me than ever.  Sadly, caught in the torrents of modern day life in the cosmopolitan world, leaves me precious little time to talk on the phone, pay a visit or share a meal. I can't even return an email or two!

Am I the only one who feels sappy about this subject?

So what happened? Growing responsibilities, survival, technology  = diminishing free time.

Sure, technology makes our lives easier. Internet, emails, cell phones, are meant to streamline processes and simplify our lives, thus saving time.  But it's time we lose in the challenge to work more, acquire more...

Speaking of time and technology, the Holderness family leverages  the technology of video camera and makes the time to create this clever video!  Where did they find the time? Wait, I know a little something about making music videos. There's is much better-- with 5 million views and counting!!

Do you miss receiving greetings cards? 

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If you're like me and like to send physical Christmas cards, I would welcome your holiday cheer during this hectic time of commercialization. Jesus represents eternal love and he loves us all.  So Christmas is a message of love for all.