Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Leslie Hotel Reopens on Ocean Drive

Had to wear a "geometric pattern" dress

One of my passions is Art Deco--architecture, fashion, jewelry, posters...

Recently the Leslie Hotel in South Beach, reopened after four years of solitude--empty, deteriorating, fading...It was the last empty hotel on Ocean Drive to undergo renovation.

I walked by this hotel for 17 years and witnessed its bustling days in the 90's, decline in the last decade and now the reintroduction.  The owners added a rooftop pool which itself was amazing to watch cranes load in the frame and the pool.

To learn more about the hurdles, the challenges, the transformation, click here to visit my Art Deco Tours page.  Take our Miami Walking Tour of Art Deco district to discover other Deco gems.

Julien Bergier (architect)  & Christine Michaels 

"Leslie" was the secondary name.
The original signage and name was the "Ed Singer" Hotel
Leslie signage at night
New rooftop pool at the Leslie Hotel (April 2014)