Monday, June 30, 2014

Power Packed Professional Pocket Camera-SONY RX100 M3

As a blogger for multiple blogs including tourism- related activities in my home city of Miami,  finding homes for rescued pets, and as a small business owner for a tour company, a CAMERA is precious to me. A PHOTO IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.

[Photo courtesy of David Pogue]

 I take my own photos and edit them to enhance my blog postings. A camera is a necessity. It's golden. But working 80+ hours (part of that is unpaid for a nonprofit) leaves zero time for learning a new skill--how to operate those bigger, fancy schmancy cameras that weigh more than my portable office--my purse! Bottomline--I don't have the time, money or octopus arms to lug around another piece of equipment!

A loyal Sony camera customer, I just purchased my third pocket camera earlier this year. A Cybershot. Light-weight, portable, slim (not even an inch) with features for taking photos of pets and gourmet food, easy-to-use, I love their line of pocket cameras.

As a small business owner and President of a nonprofit for pets where vet bills spiral quicker than a tornado, funding is more precious than the latest camera technology.   So when I came across the new SONY RX100 M3, and the snazzy features, I had mixed emotions. Excitement for the new features, and broken heart when eyeing our bank account balance. It will just have to wait.


Sony wisely brought back the Viewfinder. I often take photos outside in sunny blue Miami skies --the brightness blinding the camera screen you can't see the target or object when taking photos. The viewfinder is also a mini OLED screen.

Oh yes. But how? The back-screen panel flips all the way upside down it will face you--same direction as camera lens!  Even better the screen pops out and can rest on an angle.

The main feature prompting the hefty price tag is the sensor.  For a pocket-size camera this sensor is four times the size of its rivals for better photos in terms of color and in low lighting.  I think of all those dim lit restaurants when dining out and night scenes in Miami where the flash is either is too bright or no flash causing dracula to swoop in and cloak the scene...

Just look at this this photo below!

Photo taken with Sony RX100 M3
[Courtesy of David Pogue]

I just learned about wifi capability! Is this new? Where have I been?  My Cybershot is missing this connection to the social world.  But this Sony has wifi!

The downside, the price tag--$800. I have never paid more than one penny for a cell phone!  Too steep for me at this point so I will patiently spectate economics to play supply vs. demand and wait for prices to drop as the technology becomes more available. The most I've ever paid for is $200 and I just bought one in April.  The Sony Cybershot.

The Sony RX100 M3 touts other features and goodies. For a more detailed review including indepth look at the almighty lens and camera jargon for photography pros, here's a review by David Pogue, Yahoo Tech. According to David the features of this Sony Camera

"makes the M3 a modern miracle of mechanical miniaturization"


Unknown said...

Hi Christine! It's Jim (clixpixmixfla on IG). We share a similar camera in common (Cybershot) but I read with interest your comments on the Sony and while I'd love to upgrade, $800 is a little more than I'd like to pay. I'm a hobby photographer after all! Isn't technology supposed to be getting cheaper??

Enjoying your blog, pics and joy of living! xo


PS - I'm a cat lover too, especially black ones :)