Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When a Miami girl gets ready for Nashville

On my balcony in downtown Miami

So I'm headed out of town for a yearly conference. And in being true to myself (the branding specialist and fashionista) it's all about the outfits. So while this is a pet blogging conference and most attendees are scrambling to get their pet paraphernalia  in order, I'm shopping like crazy looking for fashion accessories. Given that I care for 30+ pets (my own, stray, rescue pets), I spend plenty on their care. Like a single mom escaping her kids for a few days, this trip is my efforts as a blogger to raise awareness for stray cats. But I'm also nominated for an award, so "presentation" is everything.  This year, we're headed to NASHVILLE, TN.

For those of you who follow me on social media you know I love hats, so much that I will be needing a hat closet--the hats are overtaking the purses. Finding a hat that fits my small head is a rarity. So when I stumbled up on this expensive but gorgeous hat at a boutique store in Key West, I knew I had to have it. Is it worth $190? Well, it fit like Cinderella's slipper, snug and perfect.  So which prince charming placed this hat on my head?  Read on! 

If the hat fits...

And the boots?  

Trying on my first pair of fashion cowboy boots   

And my prince charming? The only men in my household are cats.  So here is Johnny Walker studying the hat. So yes the bikini is new. They both fit. Always carry a spare bikini. Never know when a beach or pool will appear.

Johnny Walker studies hat

Off to Nashville, TN.  Stay tuned to my nonprofit websites for updates!