Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fabulous Miami--THE Social Network Club to Join!

Fashion Show event at South Beach December 2009
"Darn! I missed this one. Love firefighters!"

Fabulous photo isn't it? Well the above picture is taken from one of many monthly, weekly and even daily events and activities sponsored or promoted by Fabulous Miami --the most prominent and popular social networking club in Miami!

Fabulous Miami offers an array of fun and cultural events for the Miami professional. From happy hours, to fashion shows, to cooking classes, to benefits for a cause, to get togethers for watching sporting events like soccer matches, tennis tournaments, the list goes on! Some events are free, while others range in price depending if tickets are required.

Cooking class at Cavas Wine Bar

Fabulous Miami attracts professionals in their 30's, 40's and 50's, single and couples, with a common interest to learn, absorb, and appreciate the culture, the flavors, the rhythms of Miami while at the same time making new acquaintances, friendships and business relationships.

Christine with new acquaintances at Happy Hour at Four Season's Hotel

Fabulous Miami members watching the soccer match between Ecuador vs. Uruguay on the big screen TV

A definite plus are the personal introductions made by founder Fabiola Castro! She has a computer memory for names and will ensure you meet other members and newcomers. So feel free to come alone. By day's end you'll have a bulge of business cards or roster of names!

To sample a flavor of Fabulous Miami, you can request inclusion in their email announcements by emailing fabiola@fabulousmiami.com . Be sure to tell her, you read this posting by Christine Michaels! Or follow Fabulous Miami on Facebook at "Fabulous Miami LLC". (Fabiola is the brainchild of the club and the QUEEN of social networking. She literally knows everyone!).

Be sure to check out their website at http://www.fabulousmiami.com/.

See you at the next Fabulous Event!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Helio George de Tarzan

He's as fast as the Indy Champion race car driver--Helio Castroneves--zooming from room to room. Can he ballroom dance like Helio? Well in time I'm sure he will!

Helio watching “Dancing with the Stars”—maybe he’s following in the footsteps of his namesake who was the dance Champion on the show!

He's as curious as George--poking, peaking into everything--closets, cabinets, and be sure to lower the toilet bowl lid! Ladies he could be your secret weapon to train men to lower the lid. AND he has a special skill--he can open a closed door by pulling on a lever handle!

He's a climber and swinger like Tarzan of the jungle and loves other animals—including DOGS! This older kitten will steal your heart with his animated gestures and mischevious face! Oh and he's still a lover and will curl up on your bed and outstretch his paw to caress your face!
Helio (pronounced El-ee-oo) is 10 months old, healthy, neutered, litter-trained and received all vaccinations and blood tests!!

Adoption fee is only $65 from the Cat Network
At any vet you would pay on average: $335 TOTAL!
$45 office visit/examination
$50 blood test
$100 Vaccinations ( 2-3 rounds)
$140 spay/neuter
IF YOU ADOPT HELIO, you also get a
* free bag of litter
* a Whisker City cat bed (retail value $14.99 PetSmart) and an
* Iams Kit with a DVD on cat care and $10 coupon!

It would be ideal if he were adopted by parent(s) with another cat, kitten or dog so he has a playmate as he has lots of energy! He's great with dogs and plays with my Maltese!

"No more pawparrazi please!"

Please contact me if you are interested in meeting Helio George de Tarzan (you can change the name) Christine 305-218-9952.

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