Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pitney-Bowes Contest for Small Business Owners

Here I am again as cheerleader of small businesses --a critical sector of the economy.

There's another contest sponsored by Pitney Bowes who will provide a suite of tools to help one lucky small business with their communications campaign to increase awareness and sales. So now you have a chance to give them free exposure (by sharing this link to your contacts via email and Facebook) and by voting!

In reviewing some of the entries, there is a real need for this contest. Many of these are one person operations pursuing their dream (GOOD FOR THEM!) However, I see many entries who have not clearly described or communicated exactly what their business offers. Luckily there's a way to leave a comment on Facebook so I left some helpful tips.

Here is my SELECTION:

Rosie's Swim Center for Dogs. Not only did I select this because I'm an animal lover, but equally important, Rosie's Swim Center for Dogs clearly communicated the service and benefit they offer. Including a video and adding their blog website in their entry was very smart as well.  They follow my philosophy--it's not about the professional web design or photos, it's about the content! In this case, they shared their story succinctly and actually showed their service via the video.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to start a small business. I'm confident Rosie's Swim Center will make the most of their winnings to help dogs, post surgery or with injuries (maybe one day for cats too)

Swim therapy is heavily used for humans, so why not for dogs after surgery or age-related ailments? Please VOTE for Rosie's Swim Center by clicking here!

Here is their blog/website.  Please support it by adding your comment!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Julie & Julia

"Bon apetit!"

I just watched the movie and only wished I rented this movie sooner or actually went to the theater, a rarity.

This movie is an affirmation, a sign! Before I continue, you must know this movie is based on two true stories. The lives of  Julie Child (circa 1940s-50s) and Julia Powell (2002-2003).

That this young woman (Julia Powell) used blogging alongside her passion to cook or learn to cook is brilliant! First, like Oprah said, "follow your passion". (Oprah's farewell show was the inspiration for my previous posting).

Julia Powell wanted to be a writer and in her career struggles she found comfort in cooking and baking. Now I know the secret-- adding egg yolks to chocolate, sugar and (what was third ingredient?) produces thick, creamy, heavenly chocolate. 

How is this a sign? There's that word again, that reminder to follow your passion.  But I know my passion or passionS. My challenge is that I think I'm a cat with nine lives and accomplish multiple life goals all at once. No I'm but one person. So here again I ask myself, how do I narrow the field? I love to write or rather blog, travel, showcase my home state of Florida, and save  homeless cats by educating the masses? Is there a way to combine all three ( so I combined travel and Florida into one task--finally I simplified one goal!).

My new positive anchor is the French theme music from the movie.

Add to TO DO LIST: download french music from iTunes.

I recall when I was a little girl and didn't feel like putting away my toys or cleaning up as part of my chores I would hum the tune to Mary Poppins where the children also need a little motivation. If Julie Andrews sang to me,  I certainly would be motivated.

We need motivators to keep us on track. 

So now I know what skyrocketed the blogging frenzy. Looks like I was actually ahead of this trend!

Just follow your passion!