Christine in pool villa of Versace Mansion (South Beach)
(Photo taken February 2014; Click to see enlarged photo)

Christine Michaels Andrade is not your typical 45 year old female. But she's proud of it. Half Hispanic, half Polish, Christine was born in the USA and calls herself an exotic blend. Proof that she's a marketing pro.

Christine is both a successful, small business owner (Art Deco Tours, Inc) and founder of a nonprofit for homeless pets. Her passions are pets, dancing (now she's learning Tango), Art Deco and volunteerism.

This native Floridian, readily offers advice to small businesses about marketing and advertising. She holds an MBA in Business/Marketing from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and her career spans 25 years and various industries from hotels and airlines to nonprofits, to retail to luxury condos. "I keep witnessing businesses spend exorbitant money on traditional advertising. That's not for them. There are smarter ways for small business owners to increase their brand image and boost sales," says Christine.

Of course she has plenty to say about pets, especially cats and hosts a nominated-award blog, Riverfront Cats to educate the masses about the still largely unknown but unique talents, habits and essence of cats.

Her interests include reading, traveling, dipping into the fountain of youth (exercising), blogging and eating!
Through this blog you'll learn about Christine's interests, adventures and life lessons, get some solid advice on marketing and advertising and learn more than you expected about Cats!

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