Sunday, January 16, 2011

Art Deco Weekend Festival 2011

Christine & Ma Cherie in front of 1970's Mini Cooper

It was a glorious weekend in terms of both weather and fun in South Beach. This weekend Ocean Drive closed its streets for the 34th annual Art Deco Weekend Festival, one of my favorite cultural festivals. "Selling Glamour & Style" was this year's theme and it certainly spoke to fashion and design enthusiasts.

The festival aimed to educate visitors that Art Deco is not limited to architecture but encompasses design in furniture, fashion, and jewelry.  From lectures, to a red carpet fashion show to a series of films about tropical deco elements in advertising and the power of persuasion in the 1930s and 1940s.

Under a clear, blue sky and spring-like temperatures, the festival kicked off with a parade Saturday morning of collector antique cars ranging from a 1936 Ford, to 1953 red Cadillac to a 1968 Chevrolet, the lines, the fins, the colors were pure CLASSIC.

Some cars carried owners, local politicians or hunky, shirtless firefighters.

Christine with hunky firefighters

Behind the cars was the "Arf Deco Parade", a dog parade. Owners and dogs were asked to dress up in their best. I think most attendees missed the owner dressing up part as I seemed to be the only one in Art Deco attire. My little girl, Ma Cherie, was fashionably dressed in her red coat with leopard fur trim on the collar and sleeves.  Her hair swept up in red and white Cartier bows.  I can't tell you how many photographers asked us to pose for their cameras--both tourists and professional photographers.  Surely we made it onto some local newspaper. If I only knew which one!

The festival is held every year around the third weekend of January and organized by the Miami Design Preservation League. A highlight are the hourly guided tours. They include the regular tours "Ocean Drive & Beyond", "Criminal Underworld Tour", and "Lincoln Road Tour".  A new popular tour is "Cocktails with a Twist".  This tour incorporates Art Deco history while sipping a cocktail in an Art Deco building.  All lectures, exhibits, films are free. The tours cost $20 a person except for the Cocktail tour which costs $30 per person.
Speaking of cocktails, no one has invented the Art Deco cocktail yet! Now there's an idea!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

House in Ferris Bueller Movie for Sale--Modern Masterpiece

An 80's era girl, I still remember the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off like it was yesterday. A classic Roderick comedy, it portrays the story of high school kids, in this case, part geeks, who skip school and get into all sorts of mischief including the typical "borrow the parent's car without permission". In this case, Matthew Roderick's character outwits the school principle and his parents. 

The famous house featured in the movie is for sale. To fresh your memory, recall the scene where Ferris visits his friend Cameron and they are contemplating going to the baseball game. A nice pair of wheels would round out the adventurous-packed "hookie-from-school" day.

Located in Highland Park, Illinois, the listed price of $1.6 million was just reduced from $2.3 million. Recessions make for a resistable-proof real estate market. While there was an offer, a recent storm caused down trees to damage the roof and the ensuing rain leaks also ruined the floors. According to the realtor, the new buyer will have a new roof, flooring and travertine marble bathrooms.

To see more photos of the interior and the garage, click here!

If you have not seen the movie or would like to add it to your collection of classic American comedies, purchase yours now by clicking below!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Please Help Save 3,000 Lives with a few Clicks!

Dear Fellow Animal Lovers,

This New Year you can make a difference in saving lives--3,000 cat lives to be exact. The Pepsi Refresh Challenge is a wonderful contest that awards much needed funding to small nonprofit organizations that do not have the resources to reach their worthy goals. (see video below).

 It's very difficult just to be selected for the contest. Fortunately the Cat Network was chosen and we're in the running! You can help the Cat Network of South Florida  win $50K with the goal to spay/neuter 3,000 homeless/stray cats by voting DAILY! This will save 3,000 healthy cats from being put to sleep and help them live humanely.

There are two ways to vote--on the website and by texting. Watch the video, then click on or by texting 103893 to 73774

When visiting the website, please know you will need to register and provide a username and password. Each time you visit the website to vote, upon clicking "VOTE" you'll need to sign in, and then return to the page to click "VOTE' again for it to count.

Thank you for taking a few minutes, a few clicks to save more than 9 lives!