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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Christine Michaels Gianni Versace villa South Beach
Christine in pool villa of Versace Mansion (South Beach)
 February 2014)

Christine Michaels is the ultimate Miami and  Florida girl.  Born and raised in a small town near an undeveloped beach, this mermaid moved to the big city to expand her career.  Her roots, half Hispanic, half Polish,  an exotic blend as she calls herself, was a perfect match for the thriving international city.

Christine is a small business owner (Art Deco Tours, Inc and Little Havana Tours) and, founder of a nonprofit for homeless pets. Her passions are pets, travel, dancing, Art Deco and volunteerism.

Christine was the first female to start a boutique walking tour in South Beach that caters to tourists worldwide with an affinity for history and architecture, and also in Little Havana for cultural heritage, tourism beyond the glossy postcards of beaches, restaurants and nightclubs.

Before her entrepreneurial endeavors, little did she know she would become a pioneer cat blogger in the U.S.  When moving to a new condo near a blighted part of downtown Miami and stumbling upon a colony of homeless cats, her life changed and she was about to embark on a new journey.  Christine learned about the epidemic of homeless pets in Miami and began rescuing stray cats and kittens and more importantly educating other residents on how to help their neighborhoods. Christine knew she  could not save them all and that education was key. She hosts a nominated-award blog, Riverfront Cats to educate the masses about the plight of stray, feral  and black cats the most misunderstood of the cat world. Christine has been interviewed for the Miami Herald and other media outlets for her work and enjoys public speaking. Something that comes naturally to her.

Her other interests include reading,  traveling, dipping into the fountain of youth (exercising), blogging and eating!

As a former colleague I am honored to write this biography to introduce Christine. Her optimism, kindness and passion is uplifting, everyone should have a Christine as a friend or colleague.

Through this blog you'll learn about Christine and her Miami lifestyle including special events, food and dining, travels around the U.S. and abroad and efforts to make a difference in your community. Living a balanced life and to the fullest is not easy but Christine is a true Libra and sets that example for a  better quality of life.  Perhaps through her example, we can all look 10 years longer and find the Joie of Vivre, the Joy of Life.

What are your passions in life? Leave a comment below.

by Michael T.

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