Princess Chunk

Friday, August 01, 2008

Many of you probably heard about the 44 pound cat that was found lumbering in the State of NJ, apparently abandoned by her owner who lost her home in foreclosure. Well now she is available for adoption and many good samaritans are willing to adopt PC and give this cat her own room!

The caretaker says her disposition is normal despite the weight. For anyone who says they don't like cats obviously have not raised them since they were kittens. They do have personalities! [Check out the ASPCA website of winning cat photos.]

Check out this video from Fox News--very funny!

Any vets want to have their name wikipediafied?

Warning: it's not healthy for a cat to weigh that heavy. The average weight should be 8-12 pounds maximum.

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  1. Absolutely funny news report! I heard about it and thought it was a joke. Thanks for sharing!