Halloween in Miami

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween in Miami is a spooktacular event everywhere you turn. The cool, not-so-balmy weather unleashes an outdoor costume ball. It's less about ghosts and goblins and more about freaks, geeks, and the average Joe, coming out of their inhibited closets and becoming one with the not-so-shy socialites. On Halloween, behind masks and costumes, everyone is the same. The big difference is that the former group is covered from head to toe while the latter group exposes more flesh and less costume. That's more nighttime.

For the daytime, at work, I threw together a homemade outfit last minute. In the spirit of the election frenzy, I transformed into Joe the Plumber. A plaid shirt (borrowed from mom--you'll never see me in plaid), jeans, Timberland boots (I used to wear in Maryland for hiking), a tool belt stocked with a J bend PVC pipe, clear plumbing tubing, tape to seal to tighten the threads of screw-on metal pipes (People were more frightened by my knowledge of these items--yes I actually repair minor plumbing leaks in my home) and a plunger in hand. Does this make me a geek? No--remember the title of this blog--the next BOND GIRL!

Frank the Monk & Joe the Plumber

My workers in Halloween costumes

More coworkers in Halloween costumes. In the front row, Zamir (in green shirt) is dressed as Carlos, the guy to his right. He took a color photo of Carlo's face to use as a mask.

At night, I morphed into ISIS--the goddess of the underworld dripping in gold. This is actually a home made costume. Well the dress belonged to my mother in the 1970's and I used to play dress up in the black and gold thread dress as a little girl. Then about 10 years ago, I adopted the dress as my permanent ISIS costume for Halloween events. The cape is hand sewn by mom.

Our first stop--The Forge. That night was SWOON night and gothic candles illuminated the normally, dark dining room. SWOON is a new dinner event, hosted every other Friday night. A pre-fixed three course dinner is only $50 and accompanied by an infusion of culture--opera singing, a collection of original artwork...

Cecilia as the Hippy and Christine as ISIS

That same night, there was a large group of 20 people, mostly tall, skinny, young models in barely clad costumes. This customer shows her racer's costume and superhero boyfriend.

Sarah Palin and ISIS

Next stop: SEGAFREDO

On our way back to my condo, we decided we needed to dance off the martinis. We stopped at Segafredo in Brickell, a quintessential Italian cafe. Segafredo converts into a discotheque at night, only a handful in Brickell, my neighborhood. Walking up to the entrance we ran into my neighbor Peter Smalley on his way out and thus he returned for his second bout of dance fever.

A butterfly, nurse, evil goddess, and hippy

DJ Lemoch rocks the house

70's nurse and retro boyfriend

Hippy sandwiched between two Peters

(Peter Smalley, Cecilia Paz, and Peter from El Paso, TX)

Martial artist defends his goddess

Overall we recommend Segafredo for Halloween. It was not too crowded, with elbow room to dance-- a requirement when I go dancing. We stayed until 3am. I can't remember the last time I partied that late. By the way, we only drank water after The Forge, so we could dance!

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  1. Wow you ladies look great!

  2. Wow--Now I really need to move to Miami!

  3. Hi Christine,

    Halloween night was wonderful and ended the best way by dancing with two beautiful girls!!!!!!!

  4. hey girl...I've been enjoying your newsletter. I like getting to take a peak into your life. It looks like you had a fabulous birthday, happy belated wishes!
    anyhow, I wanted to type you a little note...