Is Facebook a Fading Fad?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recently I read an article where author claims that Facebook is dying. Really?! I just joined this year. What do you think? Here are her reasons AND my comments:

Eleven Reasons Facebook Is Really Dead
By: The Frisky
A new Vatican Web site, Pope2You, has launched, and on it you’ll find an application called “The pope meets you on Facebook.” Yes, the pope is on Facebook. The Vatican is using social networking tools in an attempt to reach young believers. But you can’t “poke” him or write on his wall, so what’s the point? Lately, we’ve been asking the same thing about Facebook in general. After the jump, eleven reasons why Facebook is really dead.

1. The Pope is on it. [Christine says: Since when does the Pope's involvment in an issue lead to death? On the contrary--I think it indicates the growing popularity and the power of social marketing via the Internet].

2. And so are your parents and relatives you’d rather not know. [ Christine says: Hey--I only accept those friends and family that I want to include in my circle of contacts. If you're related to a black sheep, you don't have to add them, or do you?]

3. Facebook viruses are rampant. [Christine says: this could be true but I only have time to check Facebook once a week. I'm too busy with other priorities. More important--I STUDIED the privacy conditions and adjusted setting to my safety preference.]

4. The photos are too common. [Christine says: who has the time and money to afford a professional photographer to escort you to every event? Let's be real. I think the candid shots are the best. If one only adds photoshopped photos then it gets boring b/c it's not real].

5. Holocaust-deniers and other offensive groups have profiles. [Christine says: The power of Freedom of Speech. All voices are heard. Sounds like a reason Facebook is becoming more popular, even if we disagree with the delusional Holocaust deniers. ]

6. Stupid quizzes are annoying—the “What Is Your Secret Fetish?” test puts a cup of urine on your page if your result is “urophilia”—TMI! [Christine says: Agreed. They are annoying. But the quizzes are optional. No one is forcing you to take the quiz].

7. It makes online stalking too easy and we’re trying to break that habit. [Christine says: Then be responsible and accountable--study the privacy statements. ]

8. Your partner can dump you just by changing their relationship status. [Christine says: True, but then you move on. And if your next partner does the same thing--you're dating losers and need to reevaluate standards].

9. Twitter has made status updates obsolete. [Christine says: True. But Twitter is hardly overtaking Facebook. Twitter is annoying.]

10. No one actually reads your Facebook invitations. [Christine says: True. but hardly a reason that Facebook is dying.]

11. It’s the very definition of a fad. [Christine says: definitely true but I would say it's not anywhere in the decline stage. It's at peak! My mother just joined--if senior citizens are joining then Baby Boomer generation could launch Facebook to new level!]

My overall assessment of this person's opinion that Facebook is dying--clever marketing to get visitors to read their blog! It definitely worked. I read it!

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