Sad News--One Kitten Injured, Other Killed

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Gretel curious about the camera--her first photo
She's recovering from fractured hind leg

With great sadness and tears, I share with you the update on the six kittens from Midora's litter.

Again while I was walking my dog, I heard an excruciating wailing sound that definitely was an indication of an animal. In following the noise, I discovered one of Midora's kittens had strayed from the nest and had an injured hind leg. Apparently little Gretel had gotten caught on some machinery or belt-type equipment (according to the vet which was no surprise because her "home" or nest was a mini tractor). Her flesh and fur were ripped from the bone. But her pain came from falling down on her fractured leg everytime she tried to climb a cement wall to reach her mother. I was able to get to her and she is now healing nicely in my home and is in incredible spirits despite the gruesome sight of her leg. She hops around with her other supporting hind leg to move around.

Two other kittens, her brother and sister were also rescued. However, two more kittens still remained outside and the sixth one is missing. Yesterday one was killed by speeding vehicle. The anguish is almost unbearable. "Could I have done more?" It's so exhausting. Just today on my lunch hour I drove out to the site and searched in the drizzling rain, my four inch spiked heels and white silk pants. After squatting beside every vehicle and peering underneath (losing weight prevented me from ripping my pants) there was no sign of the last kitten. The mission continues...

So that leaves one lone kitten outside. It is very hard to capture kittens, unlike the older cats.

PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING TO CAPTURE THE OLDER CATS FOR SPAYING AND NEUTERING TO STOP THIS VICIOUS CYCLE! You can help by sponsoring a cat or helping to capture them. Thanks to the Cat Network, we'll teach you how.

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