DIVA Looking for New Digs--kitten for adoption

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Despite her angelic looks and name (Abbey), this kitten is truly a DIVA!

Abbey was discovered late one night in someone's driveway--orphaned! No mommy, no siblings, all alone and scared someone or something might hurt her. Thankfully this person knew a volunteer from pet rescue agency who would foster this innocent soul who's had a rough start in life.

After litter training, and getting all her vaccinations (she tested negative for common feline diseases), Abbey is a healthy kitten and ready for adoption!

Her personality--inherent with any DIVA, Abbey is quite independent, feisty if you don't respect her, (what Diva isn't?) and loves to PLAY with her toys. Actually she'll entertain you! So if you're looking for a companion, and to do a little good will by saving one innocent creature from the streets, then please consider adopting Abbey! Currently she resides here in Miami.

So instead of getting a designer dog for hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can have a Diva for a mere adoption fee of $65. This includes medical records as proof of bloodwork, deworming, and vaccinations. (Most vets charge minimum $100 for all this).

Please contact Lisa by texting to 407-406-0676.

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