House in Ferris Bueller Movie for Sale--Modern Masterpiece

Thursday, January 13, 2011

An 80's era girl, I still remember the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off like it was yesterday. A classic Roderick comedy, it portrays the story of high school kids, in this case, part geeks, who skip school and get into all sorts of mischief including the typical "borrow the parent's car without permission". In this case, Matthew Roderick's character outwits the school principle and his parents. 

The famous house featured in the movie is for sale. To fresh your memory, recall the scene where Ferris visits his friend Cameron and they are contemplating going to the baseball game. A nice pair of wheels would round out the adventurous-packed "hookie-from-school" day.

Located in Highland Park, Illinois, the listed price of $1.6 million was just reduced from $2.3 million. Recessions make for a resistable-proof real estate market. While there was an offer, a recent storm caused down trees to damage the roof and the ensuing rain leaks also ruined the floors. According to the realtor, the new buyer will have a new roof, flooring and travertine marble bathrooms.

To see more photos of the interior and the garage, click here!

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