To Wear or Not To Wear...a Hat!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nigel Rayment hat
Yes my affinity for hats is back thanks to the upcoming royal wedding and all the fanfare about fashion and hats.

In the spirit of the royal wedding, I've been looking for The Hat to wear this Friday and had no luck this weekend on Lincoln Road. So I wondered how many people or women will wear hats more often now or just for the day of the wedding of Prince William and Kate? Even more curious, how many of you will wake up before dawn to watch the Royal Wedding?

Take my two question survey to the right! Thanks for playing along!

It still amazes me how fashion trends are ignited and spread with fury by one person alone. More recently, the fashion craze was lead by Lady Gaga, but since the engagement of the Prince and his long-time girlfriend, Kate Middleton has set a ablaze a new record for more web searches, Facebook mentions, and YouTube videos. It's all about the soon-to-be-Princess and what she wears. Times never change.
To see more Nigel Rayment hats and learn what the peacock fuss is about the "fascinator" visit my shopping blogs for more outlandish hats and hairpieces including one worn by Sarah Jessica Parker.


If you're Royal junkie, here are some more facts
For the complete guest list, click here.
For the schedule of the royal event and each phase, click here.

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  1. Christine - I didn't really want to be rude and ask if your brain had wilted! But no, the royal wedding doesn't interest me at all.

    As for hats - I love how they look on some people, but have never liked how the felt on me! The only time I wear one is to keep the sun out of my eyes if I go out on the boat. Of course, I had to wear one back in the days when I was showing horses - it was required.

    Hope all is well in your world!


  2. I wish I could get up that early but I knew media would have plenty of repeat highlights to satiate our royal wedding appetites. Love those hats!