New James Bond Movie--Quantum of Solace-Nov 14

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So mom got to see her celebrity -throb. Now it's my turn. The love of my life...Yesterday morning I heard the first commercial for the next James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig. The butterflies are fluttering in my stomach--and that's just from a 30 second commercial! Do I have to go to work? It's really imperative that I research the press releases, movie trailers, and who's the next James Bond Girl? What about the Car? Will the third hero unveil itself from Q's laboratory or roar out in the first action scene?A BMW? A Mercedes?

Do I really have to go to work? Yes. Hours later...

My heart is broken. Rumor has it that the classic line "Bond, James Bond" will not be uttered by those sweet lips of Daniel Craig. What were the producers thinking? Best not to let rumors take control.

The Girl--the new James Bond Girl (no surpise it was not moi). The character's name is Camille, and the actress is Olga Kurylenko. Camille also makes her debut alongside a new popular car in Europe.

Here is the movie trailer for Quantum of Solace. My nerves are jittery--my expectations too high. Quantum doesn't appear to come close to the more "realistic" version of Casino Royale.

I'll have to find solace elsewhere...

The movie airs October 31 in the United Kingdom--that means my friend Monica in Scotland will see it first. Monica--don't spoil the surprise please! Quantum Solace airs Nov 14 in the U.S.

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  1. I much prefer Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan than Daniel Craig...Give me Roger or Pierce anytime!!!

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    September 29,2008

  2. I haven’t seen it yet but most people say it’s not quite as good as Casino Royale. Hopefully it at least measures up to the first one, because Daniel Craig definitely took it to the next level on Casino Royale…… Did you know that Gemma Arterton was born with polydactyly (six fingers)?