Frugal Duchess of South Beach

Friday, December 05, 2008

Last night I went to hear the author of Frugal Duchess: How to Live Well and Save Money at the Books & Books in Coral Gables. My friend and book club partner Sandra, spotted the email and pointed it out to me and thought it would lend to my money blog "We'll Show You the Money".

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg draws from her personal life growing up in Phildelphia, PA and moving to the suburbs. Her parents, educated and wise, set the foundation. Now she lives in a condo overlooking the ocean in South Beach, FL. Not shabby!

While I have just started reading the book, here are some reviews on to give you an idea.

If you are a graduate of "Tightwad Gazette" or a prodigy of "America's Cheapest Family" then this book may not add to your repetoire, except Sharon does share many current websites and blogs on frugality which bring you up to date.

However if you have wondered how people who earn less than you are living the good life (legally) without daunting debts and the pressure of paying interests and bookies, then this book will inspire you to evolve and adapt to a new way of thinking about money.

Nowadays with looming news of mortgage crisis, stocks sinking, job layoffs... this is the right time to turn a new leaf, a new page and get this book to help you become financially stable and have peace of mind for the future.

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