Remembering Pepe Francois

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recently I faced a deep, personal, loss. My baby boy, a young, five year old cat died suddenly on Tuesday, December 16. The pain is greater than I imagined. Sudden death has that impact. This cat taught me valuable life lessons such as patience, sacrifice, and accepting any amount of attention and affection with eternal gratitude for life's little blessings.

His name was Pepe Francois and because he was a special cat and brought me immense joy, I have created an entirely separate blog in his memory.

Please CLICK HERE or his photo above to learn about this angelic creature and incredible soul.
Humans could learn so much from pets.

To all my friends and relatives, thank you for your sympathy and well wishes.

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  1. Pepe was a special cat and we know how hard it is to lose a pet, as they often become a significant part of our families.He will always be remembered by Silver Bluff Animal Clinic.