South Florida Dog Rescue in Trouble

Saturday, May 09, 2009

As you many of you know, I'm passionate about pets (especially dogs and cats) and helping to raise awareness and funding for various organizations including rescue organizations. This morning, in checking my emails, I came across this story from about the troubles facing Sabbath Memorial dog rescue. In this story we learn "appearances aren't always what they seem". In this case the dog shantytown, with donated used mattresses, trailers and kiddy pools, provide a happy haven for abandoned dogs.

The owner, Robbie Coy, is facing technical difficulties--zoning laws. Please read the full story. While he has not asked for any help, as a resident of South Florida or if you're just a dog lover, I encourage each of you to consider helping in some small way. Visit the site and play with the dogs, donate a nominal amount toward Robbie's uphill legal battles, or donate an item--dog food, used mattress, a cleaning crew! Now there's a thought.

There are few options for protecting abandoned dogs. The Humane Society rarely accepts them because they have a limit. The Animal Services (run by the county) will accept any dog or cat (stray or abandoned) but after a time period of no adoption, they are euthanized. Animal Services receives HUNDREDS of pets a week! There's just not enough space, people or care for thousands of dogs and cats. The bigger dogs have a lower rate of adoption for various reasons--they're not small, cute and cuddly, and many condos do not allow dogs larger than 10 pounds, and the cost of food and care is relative to their size.

Next time you're considering adopting a dog--please visit the Miami Dade Animal Services and not just the Humane Society! More on this subject on my next posting!

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