The Cat Stories

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You may wonder if I'm a crazy cat lady. Not really. I only have one cat and just try to be a good samaritan when I see innocent people or creatures in trouble.

Here is the story of each cat that I've stumbled upon in my daily walks with my dog Mon Cherie.


Aurora, is the mother of three kittens (Michael Jackson, Geisha and Bebe--CLICK HERE to see their pictures)

When I first met her she was so skinny and had no idea she was pregnant until I found her three kittens playing near the front driveway entrance about to get runover by cars. Apparently she gave birth inside the main entrance sign.

Update : Aurora was spayed on Sunday, July 26, 2009 and also received rabies shot for one year; Proof of spaying/rabies available with paperwork from Miami Dade Animal Services. Your donations are greatly appreciated!


Flora lives in a City of Miami parking lot and is accustomed to people feeding her. She is friendly and loves to be scratched and petted. I absolutely love this cat and would love to adopt her but she is an outdoor cat and I live in a condo. She would make a great pet for someone with a house as she loves the outdoors--climbing trees and chasing birds.

Flora is medium height, slender and elegant and spayed. She is a beautiful cat and would make a great companion.


Midora is the sister to Aurora and Flora. She recently gave birth to her THIRD LITTER (according to parking lot security guard) of six kittens. Midora needs to get spayed. It's difficult to trap her as she roams from nest of kittens in one parking lot to her sister's home (Flora) at a second parking lot. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Pandora (not shown), has a sad story. She was the sister of Aurora, Flora, and Midora. While she looked more like Aurora with black circles around her eyes, she was the most beautiful of all the sisters. Pandora was a special cat. Unlike her sisters, Pandora was more "domesticated" and slept on smooth, clean surfaces. I would find her sleeping on the cushioned chairs of the construction site on the wooden deck. Her sisters on the other hand, sleep on gravel and dirt. She was clean but also very shy and scared. It took me several attempts before she would approach the bowl of food that I would leave for her several feet away. It was my goal to adopt her, no matter how long it took to gain her trust.

Then one morning she did not surface for breakfast or dinner. The next morning, I walked beyond my normal route and off in the distance I saw a black and white figure that blended with the white sand and gravel and the shadows of the palm trees. Were my eyes creating illusions like the clouds in the sky that form figures? No it was Pandora, laying there dead in her sleeping position off to the side of the sidewalk. What happened? Have no idea. It does not appear she was hit by a car. Maybe a cat fight or disease that took her precious soul. Tears flowed from face on this burning Monday morning.

Immediately I called City of Miami and Animal Services to remove her. After giving precise directions and leaving my cell phone number in case they had difficulty in finding her, City of Miami failed to locate Pandora. Her now bloated body was covered in maggots. With so many dogs in my building I knew the risk was high that a dog would sniff her diseased body and the owner would not recognize the dead cat from a leash distance. Remember her body blended in with the surroundings. HERE LIES THE DANGER: DISEASE COULD SPREAD TO DOGS. After three phone calls, three days later, her lifeless body was finally removed.


Cosette has a special place in my heart and therefore I named her after the orphan girl from Les Miserables. She's the first cat I met the first week I moved to my new condo. So I began feeding her (portion control) to gain her trust in the hopes of finding her a new home. She lives under the construction trailer and also gave birth to one kitten. (Cinder--see her picture below). Perhaps there were more kittens but I believe with the all the rains that cause flooding under the trailer, the other kittens died.

Cosette waiting for me to finish filling her bowl

Cosette eating her twice daily meal

Cinderello, kitten of Cosette

Lion King

This is one of four males cats that I have encountered. The males roam to each of the females "homes". After the females give birth to kittens, they go into heat. This is why spaying/neutering is so important to control pet population.

Update: Lion King was neutered on Sunday, July 26, 2009 and given rabies shot. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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