About Each Kitten for Adoption--new ones

Monday, July 27, 2009

Adopt a ktiten from Christine's Cat Care for only $65. Not only are these kittens adorable and playful, they are de-flead, dewormed, tested (for feline leukemia and common diseases), and immunized. Paperwork available for proof of care.
Adopting is the best way and most cost effective. The above will cost you on average $150. As of September 3, Cinderello is ready for new home--scroll down to bottom! [For the introduction of how I started this mission, please CLICK HERE]. Recently I rescued two more kittens. CLICK HERE.

Note: Temporary names are given to the kittens to identify them. New owners are free to change the names.

About BEBE [Update ADOPTED Aug 16]
Bebe, like all kittens, enjoys playing with her brother and sisters. However she is extremely shy with strangers and is very afraid of other household cats and dogs until she gets to know them. She's quiet and doesn't get into much trouble like most kittens. She's more ladylike. Bebe is your typical "scaredy cat" and will hide when strangers enter the room. But she knows who her family is and will let you approach her. Her facial expression mirrors her timid, curious little soul.

Bebe posing on nightstand. She has nose that's half black, half white.

Bebe poses on the bed

ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON [Update Adopted Aug 26]
With high water black pants, white gloves, MJ has independent cat spirit-- in other words, he doesn't require constant attention or affection from adults but gladly accepts it. He loves to play with other kittens. Michael Jackson has voracious appetite and will finish all the food in his plate if you feed him portions rather than leave a bowl out all day. He's also quite affectionate. Upon feeling tired from playtime, he will jump on your lap and want to snuggle, be caressed, scratched, and purr to sleep. Another suitable name is Tuxedo or Tux.

A pensive Michaels Jackson "Let me get this burp out before I drink water from big cats bowl"

ABOUT GEISHA [Update: adopted]
This special little girl is always hustling for food. For her little size, she loves to eat!
The sister of both Bebe and MJ, she is smaller than them but will want to eat more. She's a little wild monkey that will literally climb your body (hence all the scratches on my legs) and perch on your arm or shoulder and scan the counter for food. She will try to charm you with her looks for more food. Geisha does this because I feed her food rather than leave a plate of food. So if you choose to leave food out, she may outgrow the monkey business.

Her face is flat unlike most cats and has endearing or even exotic look.

Geisha nested in my lavender nightrobe

Geisha resting on faux silk bed after playtime

Geisha emerges from her lavender nest for a rare still shot

ABOUT CINDERELLO [Update: special needs kitten]

He's just too beautiful for a boy's name, so I call him Cinderello, Cinder for short. This little guy is has the most endearing expressions. His story is a sad one. Recently he tested positive for feline HIV (only passable to other cats). Therefore he won't live long, maybe 5 -10 years (most cats live to 17 years of age). This kitten must be raised by himself with no other cats, therefore he's now separated from his step brother and sisters who are healthy. He does love to play with my dog. I can't bear to put him to sleep so I'm praying someone, will adopt this sweet little boy. He shows no signs of his disease and is very playful and eats his kitten food. He loves to snuggle with me in bed at night.

Cinder could be the next supermodel for cat food--very photogenic.

Cinder sleeping with brother and sister

Cinder at 5 weeks

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  1. Christine,
    I truly adore and admire what you are doing. It takes a lot to bring in these beautiful creatures into your home. One day when I am ready I will take one or two in. I look forward to more of your pictures and stories of MJ, Bebe, Cinder and Geisha.