Donors to Date for Cat Mission

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Many, deep heartfelt thanks to the friends and concerned individuals, who have donated either cash, cat food or litter. Every little bit helps! I'm amazed how people I just met (ie. Moss Construction) have jumped in to help. It's the person who has less, that ends up giving more. I've written to the developer weeks ago and no response. So my fundraising efforts continue...

Fostering four kittens including vet care, then feeding, capturing and getting the older stray cats spayed and neutered adds up very quickly!!! Hundreds of dollars.

May God return your generosity tenfold!


Suzanne Albert, personal friend

Evelyn Castillo, personal friend

Adrienne D'Annunzio, personal friend

Lisa Evans, personal friend

Steven Griffin, personal friend

Carl McCastle, neighbor in my building

Karol Welcome--main office of my condo building

Tom Warshaw--Moss Construction

Tim Harris--Moss Construction

Mannix "Frenchy" Rodriguez--Moss Construction

Bob--Moss Construction

Helen--Moss Construction

To learn about my Mission and how all this started, CLICK HERE.

Contact me at 305-218-9952

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