A Review of Three Cups of Tea

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Even if you're not an avid book reader, this book is a must read for all generations. It's an incredible true story of how one person can make a difference.

Greg Mortenson was a rock climber who failed in his attempt to scale K2--one of many treacherous, rugged mountains in the Pakistan Himalayans. Emaciated, exhausted and wandering aimlessly upon his descent, Greg went astray from the path leading to the base camp. Villagers welcomed this dazed foreigner and nursed him back to health. Greg promised to return and build a school for the children, especially girls who had no education. Unlike countless other climbers from across the globe that promised to help these poor villagers, Greg's words did not linger and hang forever on the jagged cliffs. He returned and accomplished what no other president, world leader, diplomat, or army could do. By delivering what Pakistan could not, Greg Mortenson's mission to build schools was an unknown, simultaneous weapon to fight extreme terrorists. He built schools alongside the breeding ground of the Taliban and the madrassas.

Greg Mortenson didn't set out to be a hero, he didn't even set out to 'make a difference' - he just set out to fulfill a promise that would have been so easy to forget.

The book is action packed with detailed descriptions of the breathtaking mountains, where few have reached the pinnacle and some even awaited death at the apex; the impoverished villages and equally rich-at-heart village people; the unlikely friendships and edge-of-your seat encounters. Not only did Greg Mortenson became a hero in a region where Americans are normally hated and where hostilities and death threats are sure-fire executions, the circle of supporters would have sacrificed their lives for Greg to help improve the lives of their families and entire village. Education is the only key not only for survival but to get ahead in life. The villages knew this simple concept. It was an American from Montana, that made it possible.

After reading this book, Greg Mortenson will become your hero, as he now is mine, next to Mother Teresa (Greg also has an "encounter" with this larger-than-life figure). I can't wait for a book-turned-movie version!

It's no wonder this book has ranked in NY Times best-seller's list for over 100 weeks.

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