Hansel and Gretel Update-still waiting adoption

Monday, January 25, 2010

As of March 4: Adopt Both Brother & Sister for Price of One!

Hansel--isn't he handsome?!!!

As I write this, it's hard not to let the tears well up. Little Gretel is 100% recovered from her leg injury at construction sight. No fracture as the bone has rejoined and her flesh wound has seen new growth of skin and fur. She has such strength and courage. I have learned so much from a three pound kitten. She and her brother are now ready for adoption.

The kittens are 7 months old. The pictures hardly do them justice and their personalities will literally make you fall in love.

Hansel (above) is now a little taller than his sister (he's actually smaller than he appears in the picture). What presence--such regal, stately demure! He's a knight in platinum armor and protects his little sister.

Gretel no longer damsel in distress-she's growing up to be quite a lady!

Gretel is the sweetest kitten I have ever cared for. She meows, almost demanding attention and affection just like a dog. She curls up in your lap when seated and faithfully sleeps by your side when it's bedtime. I will cry many tears when giving her up but once the foster parents send me pictures of her new happy home, I will be equally happy!

If you ever wanted a cat who was like a dog without having to take it out for walks and send to groomer, then this is the cat most people dream about. Her brother is her friend, playmate when you're away from home. You'll see why it would be cruel to separate these siblings.

This brother and sister are inseparable. They are deflead, dewormed, tested negative for feline aids and leukemia and have received all vaccinations. They are also spayed and neutered!
Fostering these two kittens is no different than fostering one. Hansel is so easy--no rambunctious behavior, no tearing up the house, no demanding of attention but he can be affectionate. Just food, water, toys and his sister is all he needs.
Unlike most cats, Gretel loves to be held and caressed and baby talked to. Her varying shades of black and gray with speckles of warm caramel and white mittens combined with her personality is deserving of an artist's rendering. She is that special.

Adoption fee is normally $65 for one. You can adopt both kittens for price of one!
(Note: just to spay one cat is $200 at a vet and the cost of vaccinations, blood test and doctor exam is well over $100).

Please contact me for an application.

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