My First Flight Instruction

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Do you remember operating your first "vehicle"-- a wagon, tricycle... I remember riding my first bicycle with training wheels, and without the training wheels!

Now at the fresh age of 40, it was time for my next first. My first time flying a small aircraft!

In this case I had help from co-pilot and instructor, Eusebio (from Miami Fly) , who did most of the work. The hour went by quickly and then you're back on the ground, to reality. But after a couple of weeks practicing and passing an FAA exam and earning my wings, I could fly a Cessna airplane if I chose to!

Below is my photo journal from the take off, to cruising the friendly skies above Key Biscayne, the port of Miami, Fisher Island, downtown skyline and the South Beach coastline glistening like a celebrity's smile of stark white enamel teeth.

Follow my story and see the video at the end.

Taking off at Tamiami Airport

Flying over the Turnpike in Kendall

Fisher Island and South Beach Marina

Where the ocean kisses the land, this is called the coastline or "love"

"Hmm, this is easier than I thought"

Heading back to the landing strip

VIDEO: Flying with my Pinkie

This is an experience I highly recommend! It's fun, memorable, and affordable.

To view my other videos, CLICK HERE.

Visit Miami Fly or call Eusebio Valdes!

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