Spirit Airlines to Charge for Carry-on Baggage

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pondering: To Carry on or Check in baggage?

Spirit Airlines' decision to charge up to $45 per carry-on bag has sparked a public outcry. This more than the $19 they charge for checked-in baggage. However five other airlines-- American, Delta, United, US Airways, and JetBlue --have vowed not to follow Spirit's lead. Will you choose these airlines instead of Spirit?
If I recall, another airline in Europe was starting at $25 a ticket and charging literally for everything including using the bathroom. Does anyone know or have flown this airline?

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Personally, I will never fly SPIRIT Airlines unless for absolute emergency. After my first trip flying the no-thrills airline, there's no will, no spirit to return! Read my story below!

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  1. While Spirits' fares are sometimes significantly lower than other airlines, once you add up all the extra fees, (advance seat assignment, food, water,..) it quickly adds up. While I'm tempted to when flying with kids, I prefer to check in bags when flying with the family. So I definitely will not be flying SPIRIT airlines.

  2. It if forces people to check in bags and speeds up the boarding and deplaning process, I can see the benefit. If airfare difference is significant with other airline, I guess I will pay the $45. Otherwise I prefer other airlines. Spirit would be my last resort.

  3. Oh Christine - you just reminded me of why I choose to stay home!

    Here in the West we generally end up on Southwest... can Sprint seats be any narrower? I'm a "skinny minnie" and I barely fit. Have to hold my elbows in my lap.

    Why have the airlines decided to make their customers hate them?