Christine Meets Greg Mortenson

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My mother Elizabeth, me, and Greg Mortenson

Greg Mortenson-- a skilled nurse, talented mountain-climber, amateur fundraiser, and possessing the patience of an old oak tree is really, for lack of a better word--a saint. Not a hero, a saint.

While some reviewers offered slight criticism of his famed book (Three Cups of Tea, click here for my review) that the storytelling was dry and read more like an upbeat news report, the story alone is a miracle. Everyone should read this book. It is educational, uplifting, powerful, riveting, breathtaking and will leave you breathless.

As it turns out, the subject of most of the books I read is about the strength of one person, usually a woman, who survives incredible obstacles, pain, suffering without shattering mentally and physically into a thousand pieces. But Three Cups of Tea is not the self depending on one's self strength, worth and atonement. Rather the livelihood of others depends on you. Parents can relate. But what about a group of people with absolutely no familial blood lines or who don't even live on the same continent, are depending on you? "The world rests on your shoulders" is but an understatement.

Three Cups of Tea breathes new life to the over-wraught dictum that "one CAN make a difference." So when my mother and I were next in line for the meet-greet-book signing, with Greg Mortenson, the first thing she exclaimed "You should have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!" I have to agree. Greg didn't just talk the talk (sorry but with all due respect to our President, how can anyone nominate him when he hadn't accomplished anything yet), he walked the walk and single-handedly fought back the terrorists without weapons, but by providing schools for village girls.

Hmm, incorporating the intelligence of a woman into everyday community affairs including the process of fighting evil doers! What a concept!

I was honored to meet Greg, shake his hand, and thank him for his valiant efforts. He should be canonized for his heart of spirit, devotion and miraculous feats! I second my mother's nomination!
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