Cat Caboodle Ranch

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I have a dream. A dream to build a cat Disneyland, a sanctuary.  While there are many organizations dedicated to rescuing and caring for dogs, there are fewer ones for cats.  But one man built his field of dreams! You're going to love these videos!

After watching this video, please consider a donation, perhaps more than you normally give. As a caretaker of 17 outdoor cats, it's a tremendous job. It's always a few people that carry the burden when caring for the cats that live in our community-- a result of irresponsible cat owners who don't take the time and the few dollars to spay/neuter their cats. 

There are two videos. Watch them both!

Feeding a colony of cats takes a lot of money and work. I know I do it almost every day in my neighborhood. I feed 17 cats which takes almost an hour. I can only imagine feeding 500!!!

The reward is great as you see the immediate results--animals living humanely, healthy and happy. If you do not have the spare time to help the cats in your neighborhood, please consider donating to the Cat Network or Caboodle Ranch.

For Cat Network send checks to 90 SW 3rd Street, #3905, Miami, FL  33131

Many blessings!

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