Do You Give Back to Your Community?

Monday, May 10, 2010

This kitten may grow up wild in the streets near your home, licking its paws from car oil and discharge, suffering from agonizing pain, afraid of humans, or it may be lucky and find a loving home and grow up healthy and playful.

Are you looking to give back to your community? To volunteer your time or offer your skills to make a difference? Do you have strong desire to do more than just write a check?

In this economy many are grateful for their jobs, their health, their families. I know I am truly blessed for all of the above. My mother always raised me to give thanks for what I have, to give back, even in time of need. But writing a check was too easy and not as joyous. Then I stumbled upon a cause by accident where I make a tremendous difference with my time and skills and it is so rewarding! Won't you join me?

If you're an animal lover and like cats, then you can help with just a couple of hours of your time. Even if you think you're not a cat person, believe me, spending one day with these creatures and you will discover their unique traits, personalities, habits, antics, and a possibly a new love! This is a great way for students to fulfill their community service requirements!

"What's a home?"

      The Cat Network is in desperate need of volunteers!
 It's kitten season, and hundreds of homeless kittens are born everyday that shelters and organizations are overflowing. You can help in different ways and it's so easy and fun! Best of all--it's absolutely uplifting!

a. Foster a kitten or a few (we'll teach you how) until they are old enough to be adopted. You do have to be a CN member but it's only a $25 fee.

b. Supervise and show kittens at pet store adoption centers once a week or once a month. So they are not cooped up all day, that human touch and interaction is important to keep them socialized.

c. Help with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) homeless cats in your neighborhood or nearby. Cat Network will teach you how.

What a difference a home makes!
Pebbles used to be scared and timid. Now she's an entertainer!

We are a network of volunteers from all professional backgrounds--teachers, lawyers, small business owners, housewives, scientists and other professionals. We are too few volunteers to care for record number of homeless kittens due to the recession--people dumping their indoor cats, unspayed/un-neutered, into the streets!

For example, the PetSmart in Midtown, PetSmart across from the Falls, and the new PetSmart in Coral Way are in need of volunteers! The Cat Network operates the adoption centers and we need responsible, animal-loving volunteers to help supervise, show cats to potential adopters and/or clean cages.

What a difference a home makes!

Misha is an older cat saved from the clutches of euthanasia after her owner passed away. She now lives in mid-Atlantic and loves the spring weather to explore outside, climb trees and watch the birds and butterflies.

Please know that the Cat Network does NOT have a physical facility to house cats. All cats temporarily live with volunteers or foster families or reside at the adoption center at pet stores. That's why we need more volunteers!

To volunteer in the Kendall area, please call Agnetta at the Cat Network at 786-380-1196 and leave a message. To volunteer at the PetSmart in Midtown Miami, please email Tia or Alan at
Thank you for considering! You can make a difference! And if you work insane hours with little free time to spare, then please don't hesitate to write that check!

Make check payable to CAT NETWORK and mail to:
90 SW 3rd Street
Miami, FL 33130


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