Review of Eat, Pray, Love --the Book

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aaah one of my favorite books, but if you've been following my reviews, you're probably throwing your arms up in the air "Christine you have many favorites!" You're probably right. Another story, more vicissitudes of one woman's life journey. But her obstacles are not the physical ritual of binding a woman's feet as in the Japanese culture in Snowflower and the Secret Fan, or being tortured by the Taliban in Kite Runner and so on and so on. 

The Sexy Potatoe Peel Club read this book several years ago and also had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Gilbert at the local Books and Books. My copy of the book is autographed!

One Potatoe Peels' first reaction "She whines a lot".

My thoughts: Ok, the author is going through an emotional crisis. Doesn't she have the right to complain? It's her story, her book.

In the U.S., Elizabeth Gilbert faces a mid-mid life crisis at the age of 34. She curtails her path of conventional American life. [gasp!]She has a sterling career, a husband, nice house but comes to a screetching halt at the prospect of having children, getting stuck at home, [well you know the predictable ending].

Following the path of countless American women of job, marriage, family is not for everyone--I'm living example-- 41, single, with pets, independent in every sense, and loving life. I've never been a cookie cutter. I like to think I'm a rare gem.

But getting back to the book. Overall the book club enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love.  Gilbert was refreshingly open, humble, self-deprecating, and shared her silliest thoughts. I admire her courage to change course in life, sell her house and take a personal sabbatical and travel abroad alone in search of spirituality, inner strength, and balance between the two.

Her sassy prose keeps me smiling and chuckling. In Italy, I'm salivating at the pizza gorge. In India, I'm thankful I'm Catholic and mass is only an hour. In Indonesia, I identify with the activism in Gilbert to help a divorced, single mother and daughter who are ostracized from society, buy their first home. Gilbert is generous with her time and talent. While she may have ended her "till death do us part" wedding vows, she came through on a commitment to someone less fortunate. And in the end, I wish I were as lucky for a prince charming to unexpectedly appear. I think mine turned into a cat, named Gabriel or Romeo. These are stray cats that have crossed my pat, rubbed their silky coat against my tanned legs and fallen in love with me. Maybe I've stumbled upon a new method...

Elizabeth Gilbert was equally engaging and delightful in person when she came into town for a "Meet the Author" presentation. "I can write a book, can't I?" thinking to myself.

Our book club predicted it would make for a great movie. But I can't remember if we selected the actors for each role as we normally do.

Now, the movie is released today. I plan to see it tomorrow night. Julia Roberts was not my first choice in casting but I'll hold my opinion until after the movie.

Now below is a picture of the author Elizabeth Gilbert:

My choice for actress to play Elizabeth Gilbert is another Elizabeth--Elizabeth Mitchell from the  hit series LOST. Aside from the apparent physical similarities, I'd love to see Mitchell play a sassy journalist to add to her portfolio of intelligent women--she played a doctor in LOST and a detective in a new series "V" about aliens.

What do you think? Post your comment below!

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