Christine Named Volunteer of the Month

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wow--what an incredible surprise! I just learned that I was named Volunteer of the Month by the Cat Network! Can you believe the tears are welling? I'm surprised I'm this emotional. Well, it's a true labor of love.  Never have I worked with a group of volunteers of this CALIBER, COMPASSION AND COMMITMENT! They have all inspired me to play a part in ensuring street cats live humanely!

The Cat Network is a small but mighty organization. There are no paid staff, no six-figure salaries for CEO, yet these volunteers give so much of themselves. In one case, a woman sacrificed her vacation time and money to help an elderly person who was dying and couldn't care for her four cats, or spending hundreds, thousands of dollars at a veterinarian to save the leg, eye or other body part of injured cat or kitten...the stories are heart-breaking.

Please CLICK HERE to learn what I do on a daily basis. Won't you consider helping a homeless cat?

"Until someone has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

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  1. Christine excellent blog. You are indeed a gorgeous lady. Just stunning. If you would ever like to do any type of promo video I would be happy to work with you anytime. All the best.