My Resolution for 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's the New Year!

It is true--as you age, every year goes by faster and faster. At the age of 43 turning 44 in October, the year 2012 was a whirlwind. My goodness, does this mean when I'm in my 50's time moves at lightning speed? Anyone? (feel free to comment below).

With all the noisemakers, clinking of champagne glasses, smiling faces and hopes of a better year, it soon dissipates and the celebratory atmosphere is quickly followed by  the dreaded word "Resolutions". Such a weighted word, don't you think? Perhaps since most people associate it with goals of weight loss and the low success rate, the word resolution is often associated with failure.  It can be daunting.

So many years I have made resolutions and not a single one involved weight loss. My life increasingly grows in complexity, mostly because I choose to take on hefty challenges revolving around a nonprofit I started. At the onset of the New Year, I keep it simple.  When curve balls are thrown my way, I reflect on those resolutions I have achieved. Only two I never fulfilled

  • One year it was to learn to dance merengue and salsa. CHECK. (I was in my 20's living at home; no responsibilities other than my two jobs). 
  • 1997 move out on my own to Miami. CHECK. 
  • 1998 to get my Master's Degree, CHECK. 
  • 2000 to buy my first condo, CHECK. in later years to learn to dance advanced Salsa, CHECK (although I never used it); 
  • Next year to learn belly dancing CHECK (again I never used it). 
  • To read more books, CHECK (even started a book club with my friend). 
  • 2006 Learn to dance Tango. NEGATIVE.  
  • 2007 Learn French. NEGATIVE. 
  • 2009 Start a small part-time business. CHECK.
  • 2012 Start a nonprofit. CHECK
With career advances and other growing family responsibilities, it means less time for yourself.  Losing a job can send your life in a tailspin and survival means forgoing fun goals like learning the Tango and French.  

I don't look at years 2006 and 2007 as failures. I simply could not dedicate the time due to life emergencies.One of my strongest attributes is that when I make a commitment, I see it through 100% or more.  I may  not be a genius, or scored high on my SAT's. But I'm a hard worker and complete any job or task to the end. The reality is emergencies do occur and managing and overcoming them is a triumph. I pulled through dark times without getting into debt, or borrowing money or asking for help. I survived on my own and those are the greater accomplishments than my New Year's resolution.

But I'm back on track. So what is my resolution this year?  A big one for me. To fine tune my time management skills and prioritizing tasks. It's easy for me to get distracted with fun tasks and procrastinate on the more important ones.  Sorry to disappoint any readers. My resolution is nothing sexy like learning the Tango or French language. But putting it in writing will encourage me to make an earnest effort. Starting now. So instead of shopping online for new office furniture, I'm going to work on writing that article. 

What is your resolution?

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