My Favorite SuperBowl Commercials 2013

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

As a marketing professional I love to watch the SuperBowl mostly for the commercials. While I no longer work at an ad agency, it certainly serves as inspiration for campaigns for my own small company.

Creating an ad that is both memorable and impacts sales is extremely difficult.  Creative design reps and account executives huddle in rooms sometimes on oddly shaped chairs or bean bags with a multitude of snacks ranging from popcorn to pizza to soda and the brainstorm sessions commence, lasting hours.  Fumes seeping out of the door hinges.

Kudos to the agencies behind these popular and memorable advertisements. 

So here are my favorites and apparently my first three selections echoes that of American viewers. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

#1 Budweiser, “Landslide”
Budweiser's use of Clydesdale horses is a perennial favorite of mine and for many viewers. How? Why? Well deep down Americans love animals and the reunion of a horse, a pet,  an animal with which we formed a special bond, pulls hearts strings. We can relate to unconditional love. Admittedly it still makes me cry. But then again, I do work with animals. (My other job. On the marketing side, Anheuser- Busch simultaneously launched a social media campaign to name the foal featured in the ad.  It was a viral hit.  Click here to learn what name America named the new baby Clydesdale.

#2 Tide, “Miracle Stain” 
A little humor goes a long way; While other attempts are scored as "cheesy", this commercial hits the mark. A San Francisco fan spills nachos on his jersey only to find the resulting stain resembles 49ers legend Joe Montana. As pilgrims — a/k/a Niners fans — flock to Montanaland to pay homage, his wife (a Ravens supporter) gets the last laugh when the offending stain is removed thanks to Tide.

#3 Dodge Ram: So God made a Farmer 
I'm a sucker for pets and patriotism. This ad had me choked up. It wasn’t flashy or filled with special effects, but Dodge Ram’s Super Bowl commercial that featured the late radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s tribute to U.S. farmers won the hearts and minds of viewers Sunday night.

The two-minute spot featured a series of stark photos of farmers at work.  Along with a montage of still images, Harvey’s distinctive voice delivers the narration: his “So God Made a Farmer” speech, which he gave in 1978 at the National Future Farmers of America Convention.  He died in 2009 at age 90.

#4 Best Buy: Amy Poehle
This caught my attention for the humor and Amy Poehle plays the perfect neurotic customer while the Best Buy employee politely follows her around. OK so we know that Best Buy sells electronics, washer and dryers, tablets, etc. Who doesn't know?  However the commercial falls short and only emphasizes the weakness of these chain stores--the employees often don't know the answers for a host of product questions, hence the employee never gets a word in. Well at least it was entertaining.

#5 Taco Bell: Party Seniors
So it's not realistic (along with 90% of the ads) but I love to dance and eat Taco Bell late at night. Except most are closed after midnight. Maybe by the time I'm 70, Taco Bell will stay open until 3am. Nightclubs and parties in Miami end at 6am. 

#6 Got Milk: The Rock 
As a former fitness trainer and one who knows healthcare would be less costly in our country if Americans improved their lifestyle and eating habits, I love this commercial. It's hip, fun, humorous and gets across a clear message. Do you drink milk?

Yes, the SuperBowl is a form of entertainment on various levels. So even if you don't follow football closely like me, the commercials are another competition. 

So which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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