What is Twerking?

Monday, September 09, 2013

Today I learned a new slang word.  "TWERK". As a 44- year young, highly educated female, no children (therefore no teenagers) and who avoids using slang, keeping up with slang can be challenging. 

So when I heard the word "twerking" not once, but twice today, I felt OLD!

I've heard of "twerp", and "Twitter" and "tweeting".  But "twerk"?  Wait a second.  Maybe it's a new word and I'm not out of touch with lexicon of Generation Y. I'm only one generation before (Generation X).

I heard the term on the season premiere of the Ellen show today in her intro when she announced she was going to "twerk".  Then an hour later, in checking my emails on the laptop, the headline on the news section read:

Anna Wintour Cancels Miley Cyrus' Vogue Cover After VMAs Twerking

 Aah Miley Cyrus' infamous performance! That's a clear hint. While I did not watch the VMA's (that stand for Video Music Awards) I did watch the news highlights.  It doesn't deserve my attention on Joie de Vivre.  So upon Googling the definition of twerking, I was surprised to see the year 2006--that's seven  years ago!

On Yahoo Answers:
[Feb 28, 2006] Best Answer: Twerking is a frequently used slang word among young African Americans. To twerk is to dance sexually, grinding oneself against the partner. ~

 Then the same website updated the definition in 2012.

[Jan 11, 2012] Best Answer: Twerking is a type of dance in which a female rigorously shakes her booty, usually against a male's crotch area.

Even Yahoo! uses slang "booty" as part of the definition.

Wiki Answers used non colorful language to accurately define the action of twerking.
 Twerk also known as twerking, is a sexually provocative dance move. It involves hip thrusting moves in a low, squatting stance.
 After viewing videos on YouTube, it appears the term reached mainstream within the last 8 months. Now I can shake it and shimmy like any dancer (as in classical trained) but there is a difference between Dirty Dancing a la Patrick Swayze and Baby style and twerking. I could not in good conscious share any videos--butt cheeks overexposed and jiggling...you get the picture.  Save it for the bedroom.

Have you heard of Twerking?  What about parents of teenagers reading this? Do you talk to your kids not just about sex but what might be inappropriate behavior including dance moves?  Click on "Comment" below!

In the meantime, I still want to learn the Tango! Sexy but classy!

P.s.  Vogue magazine--wise call! Glad to see the magazine has standards.  Miley Cyrus is growing up but is still finding herself.

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