My First Music Video--Get Your Sexy On!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When you think about the most embarrassing moments in your life, were they ordinary actions that exploded into laughable accidents? Or was it something intentional, maybe an inpromptu Karaoke song where you were half drunk, and strutted to the stage with the confidence of a peacock and shaking your groove and belting notes thinking "Take that Beyonce!"

The question really is--would you humiliate yourself, with no assistance from Johnnie Walker or Grey Goose for the fun of it?  Or to entertain friends and loved ones? Or for any other reason?

Well I was put to that test.  I'm not a funny character and Lord knows my musical talents are limited to ballet and Latin dancing (Salsa, merengue).  Sure I have been known to sing in the shower, but I'm more likely to sing and wiggle in my car seat while driving. But in those celebratory moments I would never subject innocent eardrums to my vocal strains or attempt to crack a joke.

However, in my commitment to raise awareness about homeless pets and engage the average person to talk about the misconceptions surrounding stray cats and cat women, I took the plunge. For National Feral Cat Day, I created a music video and yes I still can NOT sing. But that's the point. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. At least I had fun. 

Let me be perfectly clear--

Yes I'm Crazy.
Yes I love Cats.
But I'm not a Crazy Cat Lady.
I'm just crazy for Cats.  

Given the stereotype about cat ladies especially those who feed stray and feral cats, it was time to get crazy. While I normally feed the cats in a t-shirt, yoga pants and sneakers, I originally started feeding cats in sundresses --my uniform for work. As an outdoor walking tour guide, it gets hot in Miami, so I would feed the Riverfront cats on my way to work.  As pedestrians and local residents observed, they called me "Sexy Cat Lady".  Really? Wow, I'm getting older and with body parts fighting gravity, I'll take whatever crumb of a compliment I can get.

I think most women feel sexy on the inside even though we may not have the time or need to show it on the outside.  That includes cat women.  

So I donned my black cat costume and walked the streets of downtown Miami and Miami Beach in the middle of the day for filming this homemade video. (Honestly there are not many people outside at that time, so I wasn't as embarrassed just very hot).

The idea: cat women come from all backgrounds and professions.  We are not lonely or have 30 cats.  Our lives are full with regular jobs, family and giving back.  There's a special quality we all share--we think of others first before ourselves. Working with homeless cats, squatting or crawling on hands and knees in gravel lots, mosquito-infested woods, to feed or rescue injured cats (and dogs), I am humbled and grateful for the little things in life.

"I'm their maid" (See Romeo to the right looking at me--he's such a romantic)

Stray and feral cats are also harmless.  Their needs are the same as humans--food, shelter and affection. They show this everyday in their body language- rubbing against a tree trunk or edge of cardboard box, or my leg. Even the feral ones are happy to see you.

Please visit my website to learn more about the unique essence of stray cats, and the humane solution to control over population.

So sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy  and share this video. And please laugh WITH me.

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