Bathing suit or Lingerie?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo courtesy of Eco Swim

Growing up on unspoiled beach, a virgin to commercial development, I was fortunate to spend many Sundays building sand castles, surfing and collecting sea shells until my parents had to drag me back to the car at sunset. I never wanted those days to end. I was sure that with time, I would naturally transform into a mermaid.

As an adult reality set in and never forgetting my childhood of ocean breezes, clean beaches and passing dolphins, I found the next best solution. After several years living in suburbs of Maryland, I returned to my homestate of Florida and settled in bikini kingdom--Miami. I would spend one day a week in a bathing suit and relax by the beach or pool, welcoming the serenity after a long work week.

This past week was Swim Week in Miami and I felt like a kid in a candy store— a dazzling patchwork of bikinis and one-pieces, breezy caftans and see through tunics, peek-a-boo pants and skirts, exotic prints and the occasional cape for drama and protection from the sun.

Two drawers in my chest are a treasure of assorted bikinis.  Which loin cloth and bosom lifter would be my lucky choice for 2011?

Staying in shape becomes increasingly difficult with age. There's nothing to love about waist handles. So I'm actually considering a one piece that cinches the waist without making me look matronly. What about the one at top of this posting? Looks like a teddy lingerie.  It's a consideration.What do you think?

Or I go could go in opposite direction--flirtatious, sexy, a tease...Below is a video of the Beach Bunny swimwear line.

To view videos of other top swim brands and the sexy models, click here.

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