I'm Featured in Brickell Magazine!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Christopher R. Coppola, Otto the Biker Cat and Christine Michaels
 on a Harley at the EPIC hotel in downtown Miami (a pet friendly, 5 star hotel)

How exciting! I received a call this weekend from my mother who picked up the latest issue of Brickell magazine. Her voice quivered with excitement and pride.  "Honey you are featured in the magazine!"

That evening she brought the issue and I also ran to my computer to check for a digital version.

Under the "Entrepreneur" section, the title was "Kitty Care".  The article spoke about the conception and the event called Le Chat Noir, the Cat Network's inaugural Black Cat Gala, to raise awareness about uniqueness of black cats, reduce euthanization rate while increasing their adoption rate.

Here is the link: http://www.brickellmag.com/digital/BM/7_11/files/44.html
To magnify the page, just click on the article. Below are the captions for each photo featured in the article.

Except there was a misstatement in the article that I need to correct here.  It was NOT the state of Maryland that mandated not to send black kittens. It was the shelter in Bowie that made the call.
(Note: Please know the article was the draft the reporter wrote and I had corrected it but the reporter is no longer with the magazine. I had sent several emails to the reporter and editor with corrections but this was earlier in the year. )

Susan Sonson holds India, another black cat model

Swimsuit model and black cat model practicing the cat walk

Gypsy--Black Cat model

Christopher Coppolo holds celebrity guest, Otto the Biker Cat
at entrance of Wolfgang Roth Partners Fineart gallery

This event was pulled off by a few volunteers.  Amazing! But we definitely need more help for the next one.  I especially want to thank my personal friends, who came through for me and the cause when I needed help. You are true Friends!!!

Thanks to Nikki Hawkins (professional model), Algeria Bridges (another model) who drove all the way from Miramar, Adrienne dAnnunzio (who should be a model), my mother Elizabeth who's always there to support me, and most of all Jennifer Angel, international astrology celebrity who undertook many responsibilities that made this event shine!

If you are interested in adopting a black cat, I have the perfect pair. Introducing Johnny Walker and Audrey Tiffany Hepburn.   CLICK HERE to view more photos and learn about their unique personalities. If you adopt JW and Tiffany you will also receive a lovely gift basket worth over $75 for free! It's a great starter kit. PLUS you'll also receive a bottle of COPPOLA wine personally donated by Christopher Coppola. Instead of cigars, wine is healthier to celebrate your new family members! Cheers!!!

Johnny Walker

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Brickell Magazine is a high end magazine focusing on the Brickell area which is downtown Miami. Brickell is often referred to as the "Manhattan of the South" but obviously on a smaller scale. It includes both upscale,  high rise condominiums south of 15th Street, and bank buildings north of 15th and an increasing number of moderate to high end restaurants.

Here's to raising awareness and making a difference!

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