Dating with Pets

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As a single female in Miami with pets, I love to read other stories and blogs about women in a similar situation. It makes me smile and laugh! Is it so hard for a single woman with multiple pets to date? Is it harder or the same as a single mother with kids? What do you think?

Here's one story about a veterinarian, Dr. Justine Lee. After the loss of her dog JP, she decided to fill the void and start online dating. She posted photos of her and her dog in the profile section. One JERK actually responded with an insult! And he still had the gall to suggest she call him! Can you believe that?!?! What do you think?

Naturally we develop first impressions. But if you want to meet someone, shouldn't one use honey to attract bees and not insect repellant? Hence, Justine reciprocated in a straighforward and honest reply by saying "Buzz Off".

The last guy I met, a young, successful dentist (I say young because I knew he was in his 30's--just following Demi Moore's example) seemed genuinely interested in dating moi. I gave him my business card with cell phone number and personal email address. A few days later I received a polite follow up email indicating he enjoyed meeting me at this unisex baby shower for a common friend, and suggested he would call soon. ONE POINT.  True to his word, he phoned the next day and proposed we go see Cirque du Soleil if he didn't go on a trip to west coast. TWO POINTS. An event like Cirque du Soleil is no cheap date. I was impressed and agreeable.  Sure enough he called the next day to say he was heading off on a last minute trip to Costa Rica. What happened to San Francisco? Must be nice!

Well Mr. Dentist Jet Setter said he would call on his return. I never heard from him again. Was he kidnapped by jungle monkeys? Was he in a coma induced by bananas falling on his head?  OR...maybe he saw my website on the business card--the CAT website.  I'm proud of the work I do with outdoor homeless cats. But just maybe he assumed I'm a crazy cat lady.  It's possible.

Well I didn't lose any sleep over it.  Nor am I searching for Mr. Right. My philosphy to meeting my perfect mate is the same as clothes shopping. Men = clothes? Yes it's true.

Whenever I'm looking for a specific apparel item and set out mall hopping, I never find it.  Only when I least expect it, will that brown skirt with the slit appear and on sale!  That's exactly what happened.

So as not to scare off any potential suitor, I decided not to hand out my kitty cat business card, although I just ordered my vanity license plate, "Sexy Cat Lady" with graphic image of sexy black cat. Now I'm working on creating a personal business card. 

What do you think about the dating degree of difficulty for single persons with multiple pets?  Share your stories and opinions by clicking on comment below!

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  1. That's too funny. I heard a story from a friend that she met a new guy for lunch. When she told him that she had 8 cats, he asked if she was willing to "get rid of" (I hate that phrase!) some of them.

    She then asked how many children he had to which he replied, "Four". She asked if he was willing to get rid of some of them.

    He promptly got up and left.